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Norbury School


We are committed to being a World in a School Learning Together, which means working and developing our relationships with our parents and community, which is very important to us.

Our core offer at Norbury is:

  • We value all in our community equally.
  • We are proud to be a world in school learning together

By being respectful, exercising our rights and fulfilling our responsibilities we are:

  • Keeping ourselves safe
  • Continuing learning
  • Allowing others to learn
  • Expecting excellence of ourselves & others
  • Making choices to be model citizens of the world.



Norbury is keen in establishing partnerships with the wider community. We offer family learning sessions, parenting classes, meetings and celebrations.

We recognise and accept there are differences and similarities of various cultures, language and religions respecting all. We enhance the community cohesion with visits to the museums, galleries, theatres and educational trips.