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Norbury School

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

The Early Years Foundation Stage at Norbury School begins in Nursery. The children join us at 3 years old with many continuing with us through to Reception.


Our intent is for all children to develop into independent, creative learners who are problem solvers and who can be collaborative workers. We aspire to support all children in becoming confident speakers and free thinkers who develop their own opinions and ideas. We champion all children to be proud of their cultures and beliefs alongside developing their understanding and respect towards the cultures and beliefs of others. We aspire to ensure all children know not only about their school and local community but also about the wider world and how diverse people, places, creatures, foods and objects can be. We aim to ensure all children are informed about the planet, curious about the wonders of nature, and knowledgeable about their role and responsibility in protecting our word. We will encourage all children to find their own forms of expression, to take risks to try new things and to follow their own interests. We whole heartedly wish to inspire all children to become imaginative story tellers, enthusiastic readers, confident writers and competent mathematicians.



At Norbury school we celebrate the diverse nature of the pupils and families who are part of our school community. We acknowledge that all children arrive in our setting with a wealth of different experiences and knowledge which makes them all unique individuals. In the Foundation Stage setting, we use the children as our starting points and aim to provide them with a rich variety of experiences for them to develop the enthusiasm and skills to become life-long learners. Our curriculum is delivered through a mixture of child led and adult led activities where the practitioners use positive and timely interactions to support the children with their learning at that moment. Practitioners observed knowledge of the children is used in collaboration with the children’s interests to plan for future learning opportunities.



By the end of the Reception the children will have the foundations they need to tackle the next stage of their learning journey in to Key Stage One.